Feral Blue Jewelry

Feral differs from wild, which is a popular notion. Feral moves by intuition and nature, not by boredom, courage, or rebellion. Though curious, a feral creature is not always wildly brave. A feral thing is bred to be domesticated, yet pulls wildness from the edges of its ancestry.

Blue is a color that seems omnipresent. There is a love/hate with Blue, as it's sometimes the thoughtless go-to color of clothes and boring walls. The word itself has many meanings---from life's beginnings to the deepest emotions and unknowns. "Blue is beauty, not truth. 'True blue' is a ruse, a rhyme; it's there, then it's not. Blue is a deeply sneaky color." -Christopher Moore 

Walking in two realms, I create representational and abstract works that speak with each other. The abstract shapes were born from line drawings of deteriorating and tattered textiles. They are a quiet Memento Mori, worn on the body and out into the daily world. They tell a story through the mind of the viewer. Like a Rorschach, they are reminiscent of dreamily laying on your back staring into unknown skies. I feel that we connect to each other as humans as we turn that which is a mystery to us into something familiar and tangible. 

With the use of “stones” made from enamel and also semi-precious stones, I dance with the relationship between what is real and surreal. My representational work brings in imagery that tells the stories behind the abstract. The images I work with range from cosmic bodies to fauna and flora. They are the products of stories, myths, and archetypes. 


Ashley Tamber Feral Blue

The Artist

Feral Blue is designed and hand made by semi-nomadic artist, Ash Tamber, based in Richmond, Virginia. With a sharp intuition, a strong sense of humor, and a hunger for knowledge, she strives to make bold, intuitive work. 

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